Follow In Their Footsteps


Ashley Offered this Testimonial on her Weight Loss Journey:

Yesterday I stepped on the scale and hit a major goal of mine! I have officially lost 100 lbs! From the beginning, I never really set a “goal weight,” mainly because the numbers seemed unrealistic. I told myself 100 lbs would be awesome, but I was just going to take it one day at a time and celebrate each step!

We had to do a little photoshoot yesterday at school to celebrate!  Alayna had to get on my back to show me about what I was carrying around before my weight loss journey.  She’s actually less than 100 lbs and she was a load to carry!  I can’t even imagine how bad I used to feel at 100 lbs heavier.  The smaller sizes and the compliments are awesome feelings don’t get me wrong, but I love the energy and how I feel now that 100 lbs are gone.  I’m currently in a spin class and I love it!  I hate to miss and I honestly wish I could go more than I go!  I walk at recess every day because I want to.  Nothing I do is super strenuous, but I move more because I feel like moving!

Again, I said from the beginning I wanted to be open about my journey in hopes of giving someone else hope at a healthier life.  In fact, I had someone message me just the other day to tell me their surgery date and that I was her inspiration!  How cool is that?!  I can’t wait to follow her journey!  I have nothing to hide and I’m an open book if you ever want to chat about how I got to this point.  I couldn’t have done it without the help and knowledge from Dr. Dalencourt!  He is an awesome doctor and I can’t say enough good things about him!  For anyone thinking about weight loss it!  If I could hold your hand and walk you in the door myself, I would!  I would do it 100 times over if I had to!  It’s not the easy way, by far, but so worth it to be a healthier version of yourself!

So what does 100 lbs lost do to your body?  I could double my jean size right now and still not be in my biggest jeans by far.  I was pushing a size 11 shoe sometimes and I now have three pairs of size 8’s.  Crazy huh?!  I have been able to share clothes with my 12-year-old daughter.  I bought her a shirt and she didn’t like it so I wore it and it fit!  I never, ever dreamed that day would happen!  My hair is thinner, but I know in time that will go back to normal and’s way easier to fix!  Lol.  I do have to say becoming healthier for myself has made my family healthier too!  We no longer buy soda.  I don’t deny my family soda, they just choose not to drink it.  My kids beg for me to cook baked chicken and broccoli.  My husband, who I am so proud of, has literally almost lost the same amount of weight as I have by eating less and running on the treadmill 3 nights a week!  Way to go Daniel!

Thanks to everyone who has inspired me and been there for me along the way!  Here’s to a healthier life!