Follow In Their Footsteps

Jessica Offered this Testimonial on her Weight Loss Journey:

I have struggled with my weight on and off for most of my adult life. It was like a nonstop roller coaster of different diets, medications, weight fluctuations, and emotions. I’d worked with my primary care provider for years with different medications, exercise and diet plans, and just couldn’t seem to make anything stick. Any time I lost weight, I eventually gained it back plus more each time. I was starting to have substantial pain issues in my back and hips that would likely result in surgery without significant weight loss. I was dealing with insulin resistance and blood pressure problems and anticipated becoming diabetic in the near future without changes.

I had considered weight loss surgery for many years, but I was scared. I decided to attend one of Dr. Dalencourt’s seminars and knew right away it was the best choice for me. I started my visits with Dr. Dalencourt in April and had gastric sleeve surgery in November of 2019. Surgery went very smoothly, and the pain was minimal and very manageable. It took a little time to get adjusted to my new way of life, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ve lost over 90 pounds total since starting the program, over 70 of it during the first 5 months post-op. My back and hip pain are nearly gone, my blood pressure and blood work has been perfect, and I have so much more energy to play with my kids! I’ve gone from a size 20/22 pants and 2XL shirts to 10/12 pants and med/large shirts!

The process hasn’t been easy at every turn, but it has been worth any pain or challenge I’ve encountered. I believe if a patient follows Dr. Dalencourt’s plan, they will be successful! If you’ve ever even considered weight loss surgery, please attend one of the seminars. It could change your life too!