Follow In Their Footsteps

Terra Offered this Testimonial on her Weight Loss Journey:

I usually have people reach out to me about my weight loss journey. But here in the last couple week I have had more then usual. They have asked me to share my story.

I had talked to my regular doctor about surgery in years past, but honestly I was scared and didn't think it was for me. Then I became a diabetic and I was on four different diabetic medicines. I got to thinking wow here I am only 36(at that time) and I am going to die at a early age.

In January of 2018 I talked with my doctor and I told him I was ready for surgery. He ask me if I wanted to go to a local doctor. At first I wasn't sure because I thought "Will this doctor be that good in a small town". I ended up telling him yes (and so glad I did). He told me his office would get things set up. I was thinking it would be awhile and I would probably change my mind. Later that day his office called with my appointment to see Dr. Dalencourt in two weeks.

The day of my appointment to see Dr. Dalencourt, I was so sick and scared. I just wanted to cancel. I pulled up in the parking lot and started crying, but I looked in the mirror pulled myself together and knew I needed to go inside. I met with Dr. Dalencourt and I knew right then this was for me. I knew that day that I would be having the gastric bypass.

The next 6 months it was a fight. He told me I need to lose 30lbs before surgery. My thought was if I could lose 30 pounds I sure wouldn't be here. Haha. But I would lose then gain. It was a rough road for me. Then the time came to set the surgery date. It was set for October 30, 2018. Then it got real for me. I tried to prepare myself and family for it and they did good. I remember laying in the bed in pre-op and just crying to my mom and Ralph. My mom just crying with me and telling me it would be ok and I was doing the right thing.

Surgery went fine and I had no real problems and no pain. After surgery I never felt hungry. For me I had no problem cooking for my family and not eating. I think it's all in your mind and you have to stick with it. It is a life changing thing. For me I don't eat sweets not even sugar free but that is me. I tell myself I don't ever want to be like my old self again. I thought I was fine back then but now when I look at old pictures it makes me sad and cry.

So I will tell you this I wore like a 4x shirt back then. Now the dress in the picture is a Large. I'm saying this to say if you have even thought about surgery and your scared reach out to me or someone else. We are on the same journey. It's not a easy one but its so worth it! I feel so much better and have so much energy. People ask does your hair fall out. For me yes it did. But it grows back. I feel like my hair is better than it was before. I want to tell you this, if I can do it you can do it. I mean don't get me wrong I love me some sweets. Love peanut butter pie, Reese's cups anything peanut butter. Pizza was my all-time favorite I could eat pizza anytime the day. But now I could care less if I ever ate pizza again. Yes I miss eating sweets but I don't! Some days it's a struggle for me but then I just go back and look at old pictures.But I can say you have to know in your mind your ready for the journey. So 17 months after surgery I can say I lost 160lbs.