Your Journey Team


Dr. Gregory Dalencourt - General Surgeon

Gregory Dalencourt, MD, is a Board-certified General and Bariatric surgeon and has performed over 1,000 surgeries. Dr. Dalencourt completed his General Surgery Residency at Geisinger Medical Center and his Bariatric and Minimally Invasive Surgery fellowship through Tufts Medical Center in 2012.

When asked why he decided to further his education and training to include Bariatric Surgery he said, “Obesity isn’t just about being overweight; it contributes to diseases like hypertension and diabetes.  If not managed properly, diabetes can cause a person to lose limbs and I want to help them proactively so they never have to get to that stage in their life.  Bariatric Surgery can not only save a person’s limb, but possibly their life.”

Dr. Dalencourt is the first provider in southern Illinois to perform minimally invasive robotic surgeries that can help reduce complications, lower infection rates and postoperative pain. With smaller incisions during surgery, the robotic procedure can allow for an earlier discharge out of the hospital, less pain medications and more.*

Journey Weight Loss also offers a medical weight loss option for patients who choose not to go the surgical route or may not be candidates for bariatric surgery. “Every patient is different and that is why it’s important they know all of their options. Our Journey team is here to walk through your health goals and weight loss options to create an individualized plan that best fits you.”

Dr. Dalencourt has three published articles, has participated in the clinical and surgical aspect of the Vagal Nerve-Block Study for Bariatrics and has presented at the Tufts Medical Center Grand Rounds on the “Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Metabolic Syndrome”.

Dr. Dalencourt his wife Sophia, and their sons, Ethan and Nathan, moved to Mt. Vernon from New York, when Dr. Dalencourt joined the medical staff at Crossroads Community Hospital and started the Journey Weight Loss Program.


Lesley Johnson, MSN, RN

Lesley Johnson, MSN, RN is the Metabolic & Bariatric Coordinator for Journey Weight Loss. Lesley graduated with a master's degree, in Nursing Informatics, from Chamberlain College of Nursing. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing and the American Nursing Informatics Association.

As the coordinator, Lesley works closely with Dr. Dalencourt to ensure every patient has professional, medical guidance and support throughout their journey. Lesley also ensures the program follows the quality standards, set forth by governing bodies, which help improve patient care and outcomes. Lesley has over 20 years of nursing, adult education, data management, and quality improvement to bring to the team.

Lesley joined the Journey Team because she believes every person is capable of changing their lives but knowing what to do and how to do it, sometimes isn't clear. When we have a positive support system and the tools we need, the journey to health is more manageable. She wants to help others be successful.

Lesley and her husband reside in Clinton County with their youngest son. Their daughter is married and lives nearby, and their oldest son is living in Wyoming. She spends lots of time with family and friends, loves going fishing & kayaking on Carlyle Lake, and listening to true crime podcasts.


Carla Rogers, NP

Carla has over 35 years of nursing experience with over 10 years of extensive experience in surgery departments. She is from the area and she says that Crossroads feels like home and her co-workers are her family. Her focus is to help weight loss patients, but is also helping with pre-op, post-op and follow-up appointments for gall bladder surgeries, hernia repairs, EGDs, and colonoscopies. In her free time, Carla enjoys reading and gardening.

* Medical information provided here, in the absence of a visit with a health care professional, must be considered as an educational service only. Patient results may vary. Consult your physician about the benefits and risks of any surgical procedure or treatment.